Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Business Behind the Internet TV Revolution

The television is about to become the latest medium to get a major makeover at the hands of the Internet. Already more than half of Americans are watching TV and surfing the web simultaneously. But another trend — giving connectivity to the device itself — is going to fundamentally change the business models around television and the way we consume and interact with content.

Yahoo, which has been an early mover in the space, anticipates that 8 million to 10 million devices with its Connected Television platform preinstalled will be in consumers’ hands by March 2011. That’s triple the amount in March 2010, according to Russ Schafer, Yahoo’s senior director of product marketing for the platform. Market research firm iSuppli estimates that by 2014 some 148 million televisions with Internet connectivity will be sold annually.

Millions of consumers who buy televisions from the likes of Samsung, LG and Sony won’t just be plugging into the programming offered by their satellite or cable provider, they’ll also be able to access applications ranging from Facebook to eBay and view content from a limitless number of video publishers.

That represents a shift similar to what we saw in print media, where the Internet (and mobile phones) opened up the opportunity for anyone to become a content creator., which bills itself as a “next generation television network,” has been eyeing this trend since 2005, hosting thousands of independently created shows. Now, according to cofounder Dina Kaplan, is serving up nearly 100 million views each month (or, put another way, about 10% of the combined audience of the major TV networks) across the web, mobile devices and, increasingly, Internet-connected televisions.

United Kingdom TV Channels

United Kingdom
     BBC 1    [General]
     BBC 1    [General]
     BBC 2    [General]
     BBC 2    [General]
     BBC 3    [General]
     BBC 4    [News/Documentary]
     BBC 4    [General]
     BBC Arabic    [News/Documentary]
     BBC London Nightly News    [News/Documentary]
     BBC News 24 Full HD    [News/Documentary]
     BBC News 24 HD    [News/Documentary]
     BBC ONE | HD LIVE    [General]
     BBC Persian    [Political]
     BBC Ten O'clock news    [News/Documentary]
     BBC World News    [News/Documentary] (private)
     BBC World News Full HD    [News/Documentary]
     Bid TV    [Talk/Variety]
     Bloomberg UK    [News/Documentary]
     Bonobo TV    [Talk/Variety]
     Boomerang (UK)    [Children/Animated]
     Canned TV    [Sports]
     CBBC    [General]
     Channel 4    [General]
     CNBC Full HD    [News/Documentary]
     CNN International    [News/Documentary]
     CNN International    [News/Documentary]
     E4    [General]
     E4    [General]
     Eurosport News    [Sports]
     Film 4    [Movies]
     Five    [General]
     Fiver    [General]
     Islam TV    [Educational]
     ITN News    [News/Documentary]
     ITV-1    [General]
     ITV-2    [General]
     ITV-3    [General]
     ITV-4    [General]
     Jewelry TV    [General]
     JMC Live    [News/Documentary]
     London Webcam    [News/Documentary]
     London Webcam Abbey Road    [News/Documentary]
     More 4    [General]
     MTV Brand New    [Music]
     QVC    [Talk/Variety]
     Sky News    [News/Documentary]
     Sky News HQ    [News/Documentary]
     Sky News Summary    [News/Documentary]
     Testing    [Movies] (private)
     Top Gear    [Talk/Variety]
     TVPC Hold    [General]
     UK Entertainment 5    [Educational]

United States of America TV Channels

United States of America
     Cinemax    [Action/Adventure]
     1 Hbo    [Action/Adventure]
     1 Abc    [Action/Adventure]
     1 Espn    [Sports]
     1 Fox    [General]
     1 CINEMAX HD | USA live    [General]
     1 Curb your enthusiasm    [Comedy]
     1 Everybody Loves Raymond    [Comedy]
     1 FOX HD | USA Live    [General]
     1 HBO HD | live    [General]
     1 HBO HD | USA    [Action/Adventure]
     1 Home Improvement    [Comedy]
     1 King of Queens    [Comedy]
     1 M*A*S*H*    [Comedy]
     1 Movies and Munchies    [Action/Adventure]
     1 MST3k - Mystery Science Theater 3000    [Action/Adventure]
     1 Seinfeld    [Comedy]
     1 Slip's Comedy Channel    [Comedy]
     1 TBS HD | USA    [Comedy]
     1 That 70's Show    [Comedy]
     1 The Big Bang Theory    [Comedy]
     1 TNT HD | USA    [Action/Adventure]
     1 Variaty Shows    [Comedy]
     1How I met your mother    [Comedy]
     1Two and a half men    [Comedy]
     80s    [Children/Animated]
     A Documentary Channel    [Action/Adventure]
     A&E    [General]
     A2 Documentary Channel 2    [Action/Adventure]
     ABC CH    [Action/Adventure]
     ABC - CHANNEL    [General]
     ABC - East    [General]
     ABC - West    [General]
     ABC Family    [General]
     ABC News Ticker    [News/Documentary]
     ABC USA | HD LIVE    [General]
     Adventure Time    [Action/Adventure]
     ALL YOUR FAVORITE CARTOONS FROM 1969 - 2011    [Action/Adventure]
     Amazing Facts Christian TV    [Educational]
     AMC    [Drama]
     Animal Planet    [Educational]
     Anime 24/7 AnimeLinkHero    [Sci-Fi/Fantasy]
     Anime Saturday Block    [Children/Animated]
     Aqua Teen Hunger Force    [Children/Animated]
     At Home Channel    [General]
     Awesome HD movies    [Action/Adventure]
     Back Lot Pictures    [Drama]
     Backyard TV    [Children/Animated]
     Backyard wrestling    [Sports]
     Badlands Westerns    [Action/Adventure]
     Best Free TV Studios    [Drama]
     Betty Boop and Friends Studio    [Children/Animated]
     Beverly Hillbillies and Friends    [Comedy]
     Block Party Channel    [General]
     Blockbuster Pictures    [Action/Adventure]
     Board TV    [Sports]
     Bonanza Westerns    [Action/Adventure]
     Boob's Channel    [General]
     Boogervision    [Children/Animated]
     Boxoffice Pictures    [Drama]
     Bravo    [Talk/Variety]
     Brittney\\\'sChannel    [Action/Adventure]
     Bubble Guppies    [Children/Animated]
     Bugs and Friends Channel    [Children/Animated]
     Cable Andino    [General]
     Camp Cartoon Studios    [Children/Animated]
     Cartoon Network    [Children/Animated]
     Cartoon Network    [Children/Animated]
     Cattle Trail Television    [Action/Adventure]
     CBS - East    [General]
     CBS - West    [General]
     CBS EAST | HD LIVE    [General]
     CBS News    [News/Documentary]
     CBS WEST | HD LIVE    [General]
     Channel Live    [Music]
     Charles Anderson    [Action/Adventure]
     Charlie bit my finger    [Comedy]
     Chester Channels    [Action/Adventure]
     Children's Christian TV    [Educational]
     Christian Broadcasting (CBN) News    [News/Documentary]
     Chuckle TV Network    [Comedy]
     Cinema Pictures    [Drama]
     CINEMAX CHANNEL EAST    [Action/Adventure]
     Cinemax ch    [Action/Adventure]
     CINEMAX East    [Action/Adventure]
     CINEMAX EAST HD    [Action/Adventure]
     CINEMAX USA | HD LIVE    [Action/Adventure]
     Classic CSU TV    [Music]
     Classic Laughs Studio    [Comedy]
     Classic Rock Music    [Music]
     Classic Television    [Action/Adventure]
     Classic Toons Network    [Children/Animated]
     Classic TV Studios    [Comedy]    [Comedy]
     CNBC HD    [News/Documentary]
     CNN    [News/Documentary]
     CNN    [News/Documentary]
     CNN International    [News/Documentary]
     CNN International HD    [News/Documentary]
     CNN Pipeline 1    [News/Documentary]
     CNN USA | HD LIVE    [Action/Adventure]
     Comedy Classic Channel    [Comedy]
     Conservative Political Network    [Political]
     Cowboys TV    [Action/Adventure]
     Crack Up TV Studios    [Comedy]
     Crazy Toons TV    [Children/Animated]
     Current TV    [News/Documentary]
     CVM TV    [General]
     CW - East    [General]
     Dads Network    [General]
     Dave TV    [News/Documentary]
     Dinner Time Network    [General]
     Disney    [Children/Animated]
     Disney    [Children/Animated]
     Disney    [Action/Adventure]
     Disney XD    [Children/Animated]
     Disney XD HD Live    [Comedy]
     Double Feature Films    [Drama]
     Dragonball Z 24/7    [Children/Animated]
     Eat This HD    [Educational]
     Emmanuel TV    [Educational]
     Entertainment Pictures    [Drama]
     ESPN (Sports)    [Sports]
     ESPN 2 HD | USA    [Sports]
     ESPN AMERICA | HD LIVE    [Sports]
     espn football    [Sports]
     ESPN HD 2    [Sports]
     ESPN HD | USA    [Sports]
     ESPN | LIVE HD    [Sports]
     ESPNU    [Sports]
     Eu's Wonderland    [Sci-Fi/Fantasy] (private)
     EWTN    [General]
     Fashion Lingerie    [Talk/Variety]
     Fashion Swimwear    [Talk/Variety]
     ferrell tv    [Action/Adventure]
     Food Network    [Talk/Variety]
     FOX CH    [Action/Adventure]
     Fox Business    [News/Documentary] (private)
     FOX HD 11 | LA HD    [General]
     Fox Network East    [General]
     Fox Network East    [General]
     Fox News Channel    [News/Documentary]
     Fox News Channel    [News/Documentary]
     Fox News Channel    [News/Documentary] (private)
     FoxMovie | HD LIVE    [Action/Adventure]
     Friends Channel    [Comedy]
     Frog Network    [Action/Adventure]
     Frontier Channel    [Action/Adventure]
     Fun TV Studios    [Comedy]
     FXA TV    [General]
     GBTV (Glenn Beck)    [Political]
     Gene Scott    [Educational]
     Giggle TV Network    [Comedy]
     God Tv    [Educational]
     God TV    [Action/Adventure]
     Golden Era Television Network    [Comedy]
     Good girl music    [Music]
     Good Old Days Channel    [Action/Adventure]
     Grin TV Channel    [Comedy]
     Gunslingers Channel    [Action/Adventure]
     HBO    [Action/Adventure]
     HBO    [General]
     HBO EAST    [Action/Adventure]
     HBO CH    [Action/Adventure]
     HBO HD | HD LIVE    [Action/Adventure]
     Heartland Television    [Comedy]
     Hee Hee Channel    [Comedy]
     High Noon Network    [Action/Adventure]
     History Channel    [Educational]
     History Channel    [Educational]
     History Channel Espanol    [Educational]
     Hollywood Classics    [Comedy]
     Hollywood Movie classics    [General]
     Hollywood Movies    [Drama]
     Home Shopping Network (HSN)    [Talk/Variety]
     House MD    [Medical]
     hustler_84    [Action/Adventure]
     Imagi-Nation TV    [Music]
     Jersey in the Shore    [Drama]
     Jesus Trevino    [Talk/Variety]
     JMC Live    [News/Documentary]
     John Wayne and Friends    [Action/Adventure]
     John Wayne and Friends    [Action/Adventure]
     Judge Roy Bean and Friends    [Action/Adventure]
     Just TV    [Music]
     KABC (ABC) CH    [General]
     Knee Slapper TV Studios    [Comedy]
     Kombat TV    [Sports]
     KTL USA | LA LIVE    [Action/Adventure]
     KTTV (FOX11) CH    [General]
     Laugh Track TV Studio    [Comedy]
     Laugh Track TV Studio    [Comedy]
     Liberty TV Christian    [Educational]
     Lifetime    [General]
     Lifetime | HD LIVE    [General]
     Live at Best Buy Union Square NYC    [Music]
     LOL Television Network    [Comedy]
     Lucy and Friends Channel    [Comedy]
     Lucy and Friends Channel    [Comedy]
     MagicmoSports    [Action/Adventure]
     Main Street Studio    [General]
     Makarzi TV Farsi language    [Talk/Variety]
     meddi23    [Action/Adventure]
     Mezz TV    [Music]
     Mohabat TV    [Educational]
     Moms Channel    [General]
     Movies Newest and Best    [Action/Adventure]
     MSNBC    [News/Documentary]
     MSNBC    [News/Documentary]
     MSNBC HD    [News/Documentary]
     MTV    [Music]
     MTV-2    [Sports]
     My Fam Channel    [General]
     My Psychic TV    [General]
     My TV Network    [Comedy]
     MZM    [Action/Adventure]
     Naruto Stream Live HD    [Children/Animated]
     NASA TV    [Educational]
     National Geographic    [Educational]
     NBC - East    [General]
     NBC - East    [General]
     NBC 30 Hartford    [News/Documentary]
     NBC 4 KNBC LA    [News/Documentary]
     NBC News Brief    [News/Documentary]
     News Channel    [News/Documentary]
     Nick jr    [Children/Animated]
     Nick Teen    [Children/Animated]
     Nickelodeon    [Children/Animated]
     Nickelodeon    [Children/Animated]
     Nicktoons Rewind    [Children/Animated]
     Old Time Classic Network    [Comedy]
     Old TV Network    [Comedy]
     Oral Roberts Ministries    [Educational]
     Our Clan Classics    [General]
     Our Gang Studio    [General]
     Our House TV    [General]
     Our Street Network    [General]
     Ozzie and Friends Channel    [Comedy]
     Ozzy Osbourne TV    [Music]
     Palomar College online    [Educational]
     PBS - Kamu    [General]
     PBS - KQED    [General]
     Pentagon Channel    [Political]
     pentecostales de san carlos    [General]
     Phleez TV    [Children/Animated]
     Playground Channel    [Children/Animated]
     Pokemon TV    [Children/Animated]
     Popeye and Friends Channel    [Children/Animated]
     Progressive Topics TV    [Political]
     Project Runway Live    [Talk/Variety]
     QTV2008    [Children/Animated]
     Rabbit Ears Television Studios    [Action/Adventure]
     Rawhide Network    [Action/Adventure]
     Recess Network    [Children/Animated]
     Remember Television Network    [Comedy]
     Remember TV Channel    [Action/Adventure]
     Rock N' Roll    [Music]
     Ron Paul TV    [Political]
     Roo Dishes    [Educational]
     Roundup Westerns    [Action/Adventure]
     Roy Rogers and Friends    [Action/Adventure]
     Sandlot TV    [Children/Animated]
     SCCTV Broadband    [General]
     SCCTV Science Channel    [News/Documentary]
     Sci Fi Space Flicks    [Sci-Fi/Fantasy]
     ShowTime HD    [General]
     Siempre Fi !!!    [Action/Adventure]    [Action/Adventure]    [Sports]
     Small Town Channel    [General]
     Smile TV Network    [Comedy]
     SN SPORTS    [Sports]
     South Park Live Stream    [Comedy]
     Spike TV    [Action/Adventure]
     Spirit Television Network    [Music]
     SPOTLIGHT MOVIES    [General]
     Starz    [General]    [Action/Adventure]
     SyFy Channel    [Sci-Fi/Fantasy]
     TBN    [Educational]
     TBS (very funny) Ch    [General]
     TBS - East    [General]
     TBS USA | HD LIVE    [General]
     TBS | HD LIVE    [News/Documentary]
     Tea Party Express    [Political]
     Telecare TV    [General]
     Telemundo    [General]
     The Big Show    [Drama]    [General]
     Thriller TV    [Drama]
     Thriller TV    [Action/Adventure]
     Tickle TV Network    [Comedy]
     Time Machine Television    [Action/Adventure]
     Time Warp TV Channel    [Action/Adventure]
     TNT ch    [Action/Adventure]
     TNT CH    [Action/Adventure]
     TNT - East    [General]
     TNT EAST | HD LIVE    [General]
     TNT MOVIES/SERIES    [Action/Adventure]
     Together TV    [Drama]
     Toon Studios Network    [Children/Animated]
     Toon TV Studio    [Children/Animated]
     Toonami Aftermath    [Children/Animated]
     Toonami AfterMath    [Children/Animated]
     Tru TV    [Action/Adventure]
     TubTub All Time Classics    [Action/Adventure]
     TubTub Cartoon Classics    [Children/Animated]
     TubTub Classic Favorites    [Action/Adventure]
     TubTub Classic Movies    [Drama]
     TubTub Classics    [Comedy]
     TubTub Comedy Television    [Comedy]
     TubTub Crazy Classics    [Children/Animated]
     TubTub Family Network    [General]
     TubTub Films    [Drama]
     TubTub Flicks    [Drama]
     TubTub Flicks    [Drama]
     TubTub Fun Time Studios    [Children/Animated]
     TubTub Fun Zone    [Children/Animated]
     TubTub Funny Toons    [Children/Animated]
     TubTub Funny TV    [Comedy]
     TubTub Hit Movies    [Drama]
     TubTub Kids    [Children/Animated]
     TubTub Kidvision    [Children/Animated]
     TubTub Motion Pictures    [Drama]
     TubTub Motion Pictures    [Drama]
     TubTub Picture Show    [Action/Adventure]
     TubTub Play TV    [Children/Animated]
     TubTub Play Zone    [Children/Animated]
     TubTub Silly Toons    [Children/Animated]
     TubTub Silly Toons    [Children/Animated]
     TubTub Spaz Channel    [Children/Animated]
     TubTub Star Pictures    [Drama]
     TubTub Toon Vault    [Children/Animated]
     TubTub Toons    [Children/Animated]
     TubTub TV Shows Studio    [Comedy]
     TubTub Wacky Toons    [Children/Animated]
     TubTub Westerns    [Action/Adventure]
     TubTub Wild West TV    [Action/Adventure]
     Tumbleweed Westerns    [Action/Adventure]
     TV central    [Action/Adventure]
     TV central    [Action/Adventure]
     TV LAND    [General]
     TV Mania Channel    [Drama]
     TV Rama Channel    [Drama]
     TV Time Classics Studio    [Comedy]
     TV TV TV Channel    [Drama]
     TV Vacation    [General]
     TVJ    [Action/Adventure]
     TVlicious Studios    [Sci-Fi/Fantasy]
     University of Michigan    [Educational]
     USA Network - East    [Action/Adventure]
     UWTV    [Educational]
     Vintage Television Studios    [Action/Adventure]
     Vintage TV Network    [Comedy]
     Voice of America Farsi language    [Political]
     Waddani TV    [News/Documentary]
     Weather Channel    [News/Documentary]
     Weather Channel    [News/Documentary]
     Weather Nation    [News/Documentary]
     WEEKDAY WARRIORS    [Action/Adventure]
     Western TV    [General]
     WGN America    [General]
     What The Fain Show    [Comedy]
     White Springs TV    [Educational]
     Wild Toon Studio    [Children/Animated]
     Willham    [Educational]
     WMTY    [Educational]
     World Invisible    [Educational]
     World Series of Poker Live    [Games]
     Yesterday Television    [Action/Adventure]
     Yoga TV    [Educational]
     Zenith Road Baptist church    [Educational]    [Action/Adventure]

India TV Channels

     Apninet    [Music] (private)
     CNN IBN    [News/Documentary]
     DD News    [News/Documentary]
     DDS News 2    [News/Documentary]
     Filmy    [Talk/Variety]
     Filmy    [News/Documentary]
     FUN BOX FANTASY    [Sci-Fi/Fantasy]
     GSTV - Gujurati    [News/Documentary]
     IBN 7 English    [General]
     IBN Lokmat    [General]
     IBN TV 7 Live - India    [General]
     Idhun 1    [General]
     Idhun 2    [General]
     Ind-News    [News/Documentary]
     India TV    [General]
     India TV - DD News TV    [News/Documentary]
     Indus    [Music]
     Maharishi Open University    [Educational]
     MTV    [Music]
     NDR    [News/Documentary]
     NDTV    [News/Documentary]
     NDTV    [General]
     News X    [News/Documentary]
     Nimbooda    [General]
     Peace TV    [Educational]
     Sanskruti    [Educational]
     Set Max    [Music]
     Sony Max    [General]
     Star Gold    [General]
     Star News    [News/Documentary]
     Star News    [News/Documentary]
     Star News    [News/Documentary]
     Star Plus    [General]
     Sub Havaartha    [News/Documentary]
     Sun TV    [Music]
     Zee Cinema    [Drama]
     Zee Sports    [Sports]
     Zee TV    [General]

Germany TV Channels

     123 TV    [Talk/Variety]
     192 N-TV    [News/Documentary]
     3SAT    [General]
     Ballroom TV    [Talk/Variety]
     Berlin News 24    [News/Documentary]
     Center TV    [General]
     Del TV    [Sports]
     Deluxe Music    [Music]
     DW-TV    [News/Documentary]
     Eberswalde TV    [General]
     Euro TV    [General]
     Germankids    [Children/Animated]
     Golf and More    [Sports]
     Massive Mag Xtreme Sports    [Sports]
     MTV    [Music]
     NDR    [News/Documentary]
     PETn    [Sports]
     PETN City    [Talk/Variety]
     PETN Movies    [Action/Adventure]
     Premier TV    [Sports]
     RTL    [General]
     Spirit ON TV    [Sports]
     Street Clip TV    [Music]
     Toon TV    [Children/Animated]
     TV Halle    [General]
     Wetter    [News/Documentary]

China TV Channels

     ATV    [General]
     BJIP Movies    [Action/Adventure]
     Cartoon    [Children/Animated]
     CCTV 4    [General]
     CCTV 9 Asia News    [News/Documentary]
     CCTV 9 Documentary    [News/Documentary]
     CCTV 9 second feed    [News/Documentary]
     CETV    [General]
     ESPN China    [Sports]
     NBA China    [Sports]
     NBA China    [Sports]
     NDTV    [News/Documentary]
     New Tang Dynasty Television    [News/Documentary]
     NJBG    [News/Documentary]
     NYTV China    [Talk/Variety]
     Phoenix TV    [General]
     SCTV 1    [General]
     SCTV 4    [General]
     SCTV 5    [Drama]
     SCTV 7    [Talk/Variety]
     SCTV 9    [Talk/Variety]
     SDTV    [General]
     Shanghai Sports    [Sports]
     Shanghai Sports. alt    [Sports]
     Star Sports .alt    [Sports]
     Star TV    [General]

Brazil TV Channels

     Band Sports    [Sports]
     Bloomberg Brazil feed    [News/Documentary]
     Cinamax    [General]
     Discovery    [Educational]
     ESPN    [Sports]
     ESPN Brasil    [Sports]
     Esporte Interactiva    [Sports]
     Fox    [General]
     Globo    [General]
     HBO    [General]
     History Channel    [Educational]
     Lutas    [Sports]
     Nickelodeon    [Children/Animated]
     NSC Sports Channel    [Sports]
     Pipoca    [Children/Animated]
     Space    [Sci-Fi/Fantasy]
     TC Premium    [General]
     TV Cidade    [News/Documentary]
     TV Correio    [General]
     TV Fortaleza    [Political]
     TVE    [General]
     Viva    [General]
     Yourvida    [Music]